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Goats R Us has incorporated several different breeds of goats, each selected to contribute desirable traits into the herd. These animals have been selectively bred to create the ultimate grazing machine. Angora goats are our primary stock because of their hardiness and thick mohair, which keeps them comfortable in the chilly northern California winters (they are sheared in the spring to keep them comfortable in the summer). We have cross-bred these Angoras with Pygmy goats, as smaller goats are more desirable in areas where erosion is of concern. In addition, we have bred into our stock Alpine and Spanish goats, for extra hardiness and their ability to thrive on a wide variety of feed sources. Our goats are then divided up into herds that are specifically designed to work in a particular job site.

Every winter, a pre-selected group of nannies gives birth to single, twin, or triplet offspring. These babies are raised with the herd, where they learn to work with the dogs, the fences, and the people. In addition, exposure to the local flora as adolescents results in goats that thrive on the wide variety of forage species they will be expected to consume in their adult lives. Every so often, babies are bottle-raised by us when rejected by the mama. These become our special friends, following us around the ranch as we work.

As with any good company, Goats R Us has a retirement program for its loyal four footed employees. The goats in our herd are never sold for any reason, and when their "golden years" approach, their scope of work is kept local, just outside of our ranch, where they can roam the hills without encumbering the stress of traveling between locations. All goats are supplemented year round, wormed three times a year and vaccinated, but the geriatrics are given special consideration. They are our “buddies,” and an integral part of our team, without whom we wouldn't be able to enjoy our success. Frequently, these retirees are visitors at local schools or senior centers becoming ambassadors for their kind.

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